Corporate Sales Specialist Certified (CSSC)


180 days


469.58 $
  • The CSSC certificate certifies that the owner can manage the entire Sales Process, such as understanding the company’s business values, creating the right sales network, making sales plans, customer management …
  • Suitable for learners who have more than 3 years of working experience in Sales and Marketing and want to become a Sales Specialist of the Enterprise.
  • Suggested learners who already had CSPC 
  • CS Level: Certificate CSFC CSPC CSSC CSEC 
  • Sample Certificate .
  • Language: 100% English.

List of lessons

Lesson name Course duration Learn
Guide to Buying and Accessing the Course 1 days
1. Introduction 21 days
2. Understand Sales Value Proposition 21 days
3. Prepare Organization for Sales 21 days
4. Training for Corporates Sales 21 days
5. Sales Process – Prospecting 21 days
6. Sales Process – Conversion 21 days
7. Account Management 22 days
Case Study and/or Exam Preparation 30 days
Exam for International Certificate 1 days

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